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Community-Led Health Equity Programs Deliver Results

December 15, 2021

Public Health leaders know that location matters and has a significant impact on an individual’s health—and initiatives that have the highest impact focus on localized conditions and speak directly to community needs. Nicole Alexander-Scott (director, Rhode Island Department of Health) and Katie Lamansky (health program manager, Idaho Department of Health and Welfare) discuss why place-based interventions are a key strategy for health agencies to advance health equity. We examine the Health Equity Zone model and share what states can borrow from it to reimagine how they engage with communities.

ASTHO thanks the Kellogg Foundation for its support of this episode of Public Health Review.

Show Notes


  • Nicole Alexander-Scott, MD, MPH, Director, Rhode Island Department of Health
  • Katie Lamansky, CHES, Health Program Manager, Get Healthy Idaho, Office of Policy, Performance and Strategy, Division of Public Health, Idaho Department of Health & Welfare