October 07, 2014|1:46 p.m.| ASTHO Staff

Welcome to StatePublicHealth.org, the new blog from the Association of State and Territorial Health Officials. The purpose of the site is twofold: (1) To communicate credible, timely information on issues important to state and territorial public health, and (2) To demonstrate the relevance and effectiveness of state and territorial public health agencies.

Public health is so integral a part of a functioning society that it is hard to know where it starts and where it stops. Preventing the spread of infectious disease is clearly one role, as is prevention of chronic disease. But what about policies that try to improve housing conditions in poor neighborhoods, which might improve the health inequities we know exist in our society? Or the policy changes and public education that led to drastically increased seatbelt usage? In this blog, we will cover core public health topics, but we will not be limited to them. This is already evident to us in the initial posts we are currently writing. One will focus on Ebola and state health agency preparation and response, a core public health area. Later today, you'll read about how society has reached an important turning point as the population ages, and we need to take steps now to ensure we understand and are prepared for it. We will also look at prescription drug addiction, which is a healthcare issue, a law enforcement issue, and a public health issue. If there is a mission in what we write, it is expressed in ASTHO's mission statement: Healthy people thriving in a nation free of preventable illness and injury.

Some articles will be in depth, others will be a quick look at the news of the day or interesting happenings in the public health sector. We likely will not update the blog every day, but we expect to have at least a couple posts each week. Please check back often or subscribe to our feed. (See this article for a quick tutorial on how to subscribe to a feed using Outlook.)

Please give us your feedback. If you have ideas for posts or topics or if you have a suggestion for how we can improve the blog, please send us an email. Thank you for joining us and may you have a healthy day!