South Carolina Honors Businesses for their Environmental Records

February 10, 2015|3:00 p.m.| ASTHO Staff

Since 1997, the South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control (SCDHEC) has been recognizing businesses that are committed to protecting and preserving the state's environment. Through the voluntary program, the South Carolina Environmental Excellence Program (SCEEP) rewards state facilities that have demonstrated environmental performance through pollution prevention, energy and resource conservation, and the use of an environmental management system. Membership in the program continues to grow, and currently includes 47 corporate participants across the state.

"These member companies demonstrate a leadership commitment toward [SC] DHEC's goal of improving South Carolina's environment not only through recycling, but also through water and energy conservation," says Elizabeth Dieck, SCDHEC's director of environmental affairs.

In January 2015, SCDHEC announced that SCEEP has renewed and welcomed six members. Each of these industry members bring great ideas to sustainability and environmental protection for South Carolina.

  • Century Aluminum of South Carolina Inc. - has reported a 16 percent reduction in potable water use and a 26 percent reduction in waste going to a landfill over the last three years.
  • Santee Cooper Regional Water System - is participating in a comprehensive recycling program and performs an internal trash audit once per quarter to increase recycling.
  • Interlake Mecalux - has reported a significant reduction in water usage through process changes and by using counter-flowing pretreatment tanks to eliminate the overflowing of rinse tank water to the sewer drain.
  • Caterpillar - is harvesting rainwater to use for irrigation purposes at its facility.
  • Fujifilm Manufacturing USA Inc. - is recovering condensation from boilers and other processes generating steam to reduce water loss.
  • Joint Base Charleston - has reported recycling, reusing, or composting 41 percent of solid waste, which equates to 3,500 tons of material in 2014, including scrap metal, aircraft tires, cardboard, and paper.

Overall, SCDHEC has seen a reduction of waste disposed of at landfills by 67,096 tons and a reduction of more than 8.1 million gallons of water over a 10-year period, among other cumulative measurements.

Learn more about the South Carolina Environmental Excellence Program in SCDHEC's press release.