ASTHO Policy Statements

The members of ASTHO serve as the face and voice of state and territorial public health and are frequently called on by federal and state lawmakers and national organizations to provide input on the development of public health policy. Their leadership, coordination, and position in state government enables them to effect change in public health policy both in their states and on a national level. Policy statements generated by ASTHO members through our policy committees appear below.

Learn more about ASTHO's multi-step policy statement development process.

Policy Statements

Access to Health Services (in development)

Achieving Optimal Health for All Guiding Principles (2020)

Adverse Childhood Experiences (2022)

Climate and Extreme Weather Events Health Policy Statement (2022)

Environmental Public Health (2019)

Firearm Misuse, Injury, and Death (in development)

Health in All Policies (2020)

Healthy Aging (March 2022)

Healthy Eating (2020)

Immunization Guiding Principles (2020)

Improving Birth Outcomes (2022)

Infectious Disease Guiding Principles (2020)

Maternal Mortality and Morbidity (in development)

Newborn Screening (in development)

Oral Health (in development)

Preparedness Guiding Principles (2020)

Preventing and Reducing Obesity in the United States and U.S. Territories (March 2022)

Reproductive Health Services (2022)

State Home Visiting Programs (March 2021)

Tobacco Use Prevention and Control (2020)

*Month and year noted in parentheses indicates the policy statement’s expiration date.