Food Safety

North Dakota Races to Address Housing Inspection, Facility Needs Following Oil Boom

February 17, 2016|9:36 a.m.| Virgie Townsend

Population fluctuations meant the North Dakota Department of Health had to find new ways to accommodate changing food and lodging needs. Read More »

State and Federal Partners Work to Prevent, Contain Increased Multistate Foodborne Outbreaks

November 13, 2015|3:35 p.m.| Kristen Lewandowski

Foodborne outbreaks that spread across state lines have increased over the past twenty years, but so have tools to track bacteria and trace disease. Read More »

Food Companies, Executives Risk Prosecution for Outbreaks, Justice Department Warns

July 15, 2015|2:57 p.m.| ASTHO Staff

The federal government is sending a strong signal that negligence by food companies leading to unsafe foods sold in the marketplace is unacceptable. Read More »

CDC Releases Latest Data on Antibiotic Resistance of Common Foodborne Germs

June 10, 2015|11:07 a.m.| ASTHO Staff

Antibiotic resistance in foodborne bacteria continues to show both positive and challenging trends, according to new CDC report. Read More »

One in Six People Get Foodborne Illnesses; E. Coli Rates Drop, but Other Infections Rise

May 15, 2015|12:52 p.m.| ASTHO Staff

Foodborne illness cases from E. coli O157 fell by a third from 2006-2008 to 2014, but campylobacter and vibrio cases are up, while the incidence of salmonella has stagnated, according new data from CDC’s foodborne illness data surveillance system, FoodNet. Read More »

California Adds BPA to Dangerous Chemical List, May Require Special Labeling

May 11, 2015|4:33 p.m.| ASTHO Staff

California took one step closer to requiring warning labels on bottles and cans that use the controversial substance Bisphenol A, also known as BPA. The labels would warn that BPA can cause reproductive harm to women. Read More »

In the News: Food Providers Curbing Antibiotic Use

March 11, 2015|4:25 p.m.| ASTHO Staff

Use of antibiotics in animals in the food supply contributes to the public health problem of antibiotic resistant bacteria. Several food supply companies have recently committed to curtailing the practice. Read More »