Tracking Environmental Health Hazards

Fellow Projects and Final Reports

Upon completion of the fellowship program, ASTHO Tracking Fellows are required to submit a final written report on their lessons learned, accomplishments, results (or projected outcomes) of their proposed tracking projects, and future directions. Click the links below to access final reports from each fellowship year.

Fellowship Year 2019 Reports
Tennessee, Tulsa City

Fellowship Year 2018 Reports
Alabama, Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands, North Carolina, Pennsylvania

Fellowship Year 2017 Reports
Arkansas, Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands, Delaware, North Carolina, Texas

Fellowship Year 2016 Reports
Alaska, Indiana, Rhode Island

Fellowship Years 2014, 2015 Reports: Nonfunded State Participation in the CDC Tracking Network
2015: Alaska, Arizona, Rhode Island, Virginia
2014: Arizona, Kentucky, North Carolina, Tennessee

Fellowship Year 2013 Reports
Illinois, Tennessee, Texas, Wyoming, and Dayton/Montgomery County, Ohio

Fellowship Year 2012 Reports
Alabama, Fairfax County of Virginia, Idaho, Nebraska, Oklahoma

Fellowship Year 2011 Reports
Arizona, City of Cincinnati, Indiana, Ohio, Virginia

Fellowship Year 2010 Reports
Delaware, Georgia, Kentucky, North Carolina, West Virginia

Fellowship Year 2009 Reports
District of Columbia, Louisiana, Michigan