Sustainable Financing for Rural Hospitals: How COVID-19 has Changed the Equation

July 14, 2020
3:00 p.m. ET

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COVID-19 has magnified existing vulnerabilities for hospitals, as many hospitals have canceled elective procedures or closed non-urgent care facilities, leading to financial shortfalls and furloughs. This is especially apparent in rural communities who were already facing high rates of hospital closures. The CARES Act provided funding and flexibilities for rural hospitals, including $100 billion in rolling funds for healthcare expenses or lost revenue directly attributed to COVID-19; however, this temporary financial relief does not address long-term sustainability challenges. This virtual tele-townhall will provide an open forum to discuss how COVID-19 has shifted the landscape for rural hospitals and to offer strategies on how to move forward.


  • Rachel Levine, MD, Secretary, Pennsylvania Department of Health
  • Benjamin Anderson, Vice President, Rural Health and Hospitals, Colorado Hospital Association
  • Dave Ressler, Chief Executive Officer, Aspen Valley Hospital
  • Sarah Gaskell, Associate Director, Healthcare Strategy, Guidehouse
  • J.T. Lane, Chief, Population Health and Innovation, ASTHO (moderator)
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