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Lessen Harms of ACEs

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Child-Parent Psychotherapy
This intervention model is intended to focus on how trauma has impacted the child-caregiver relationship and provide tools to support and strengthen this relationship moving forward. Studies indicatemore »Evidence Based, Health Equity, Lessen Harms of ACEs

Coping Power
Coping power is a 16-month, two-part program that targets at risk youth ages 5-11 and their parents with the goal of reducing aggressive behaviors and preventing substance misuse. Children learn copingmore »Evidence Based, Lessen Harms of ACEs

Multisystemic Therapy
Multisystemic therapy (MST) is intensive family and community-based treatment for juvenile offenders aged 4-17 years . MST considers the unique behaviors of an individual and the systemic context in whichmore »Evidence Based, Lessen Harms of ACEs

Treatment Foster Care Oregon
The goal of this program is to unite families in order to reduce delinquency and teen violence. The program also increases prosocial behavior and participation in prosocial activities through parent training,more »Experience Based, Lessen Harms of ACEs

Violence Prevention: Psychological Harm from Traumatic Events Among Children and Adolescents – Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (Group)
This community guide outlines group cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) and the positive effects it can have on children and adolescents who have experienced traumatic events. Outcomes include psychologicalmore »Evidence Based, Lessen Harms of ACEs