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Evidence-Based Home Visiting Models Promote Early Brain Development in American Indian and Alaska Native Communities
This blog outlines how nurturing environments and strong caregiver-child relationships can lead to stronger early brain development. Home visiting programs promote positive, interactive relationshipsmore »Evidence Based, Health Equity, Home Visitation

Family Spirit Home Visiting Program
This home visitation program addresses inter-generational behavioral health problems and prevents ACEs. This program was designed by American Indians for American Indian families and leverages the indigenousmore »Evidence Based, Health Equity, Home Visitation

Home Visiting: Improving Outcomes for Children
This resource is for legislators who can play an important role in establishing effective home visiting policy in their states. It outlines the importance of evidence-based home visiting model legislationmore »Big P, Evidence Based, Health Equity, Home Visitation

Nurse-Family Partnership
This resource outlines a nurse home visiting model that aides in reducing rates of child abuse and neglect by training nurses to assist low-income first-time mothers, through visitations from early onmore »Evidence Based, Health Equity, Home Visitation

Significant Home Visiting Enacted Legislation in States (2008-2018)
This resource includes home visiting legislation enacted in states from 2008-2018.Big P, Evidence Based, Health Equity, Home Visitation