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Incredible Years - Parent
This training program is designed to improve parent’s ability to promote healthy social environments for children 3-11 years old. Over the course of 3-5 months training is provided to improve parentingmore »Evidence Based, Parenting Skills

National Safecare Training and Research Center
This parent training program focuses on the prevention of child maltreatment. The program includes 4 modules: health, home safety, parent-child interaction, problem solving and engagement. Four randomizedmore »COVID-19, Experience Based, Parenting Skills

Preventing Abusive Head Trauma Among Infants and Young Children: A Hospital-Based, Parent Education Program
This journal article examines the effects of a hospital-based, parent education program on the incidence of abusive head injuries among infants and children. The program gives parents of newborns informationmore »Evidence Based, Parenting Skills

Protecting Children During the COVID-19 Outbreak
This website includes resources about the effects of COVID-19 on children as well as how to protect children from COVID-19 and the related risk of violence.Big P, COVID-19, Evidence Based, Parenting Skills

Triple P System
Triple P is a public health approach aimed at improving parental skills at the community level for youth 0 to 12 years. This program includes five levels of intervention and a community media/educationmore »Evidence Based, Parenting Skills

Virginia Parent Education Coalition Tool Kit
The Virginia Statewide Parent Education Coalition developed this toolkit to assist the judicial system and caregivers in identifying and referring to appropriate parent education programs. The toolkitmore »Evidence Based, Parenting Skills