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Aligning Programs and Policies to Support Food Security and Public Health Goals in the United States
This journal article highlights how individuals cope with food insecurity within their communities. It also discusses policies and programs designed to support food security, improve diet quality, andmore »Big P, Evidence Based, Food Insecurity, Health Equity

Getting Creative to Keep Americans Fed During COVID-19
This blog focuses on school meals and the Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program (SNAP) as areas of potential state legislative activity to support populations at an increased risk for food insecuritiesmore »Big P, COVID-19, Evidence Informed, Food Insecurity, Health Equity

Hunger Free Colorado: Connecting Vulnerable Patients to Food and Nutrition Resources
This case study describes Hunger Free Colorado’s work to link patients to food resources and federal food assistance programs while simultaneously working with state and local organizations to drive policymore »Big P, Evidence Based, Food Insecurity, Health Equity

Policy Levers for State Human Service Agencies in Response to COVID-19
This working document includes policy options state health departments may consider when responding to COVID-19 impacts in their communities.Big P, COVID-19, Evidence Informed, Food Insecurity

States Take Action to Address Food Insecurity
This blog discusses actions states are taking to address food insecurity exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic. This includes ensuring a variety of locations and vendors, streamlined enrollment, data matching,more »Big P, Evidence Informed, Food Insecurity, Health Equity