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A Safe Environment for Every Kid (SEEK)–Resources for Families
This primary prevention program for children 0-5 years old trains pediatric primary care physicians to screen and address risk factors associated with child maltreatment, parental depression, and substancemore »COVID-19, Evidence Based, Primary Care

Avoiding ACEs by Helping Families During COVID-19
This blog summarizes how policies around paid family leave, stable housing, and unemployment benefits can prevent and mitigate the harm from ACEs during COVID-19.Big P, COVID-19, Evidence Based, Family Friendly

CDC Coronavirus Disease 2019 FAQ's for Homeless Shelters
This website provides answers to frequently asked questions pertaining to homelessness during the COVID-19 pandemic.COVID-19, Evidence Informed, Little P, Safe Stable Housing

COVID-19: Plans for Families with Children
This COVID-19 resource outlines recommendations for families with children, including how to make a plan for what will happen if the caregiver or caregivers in the family become ill with COVID-19 andmore »COVID-19, Experience Based, Little P, Public Education

COVID-19’s Impact on Pregnancy and Childbirth Policies
There is currently limited information on how COVID-19 affects pregnant people. This blog summarizes doula reimbursement, home birthing and midwifery, and postpartum health and paid family leave as keymore »Big P, COVID-19, Experience Based, Family Friendly, Health Equity

Department of Housing and Urban Development Website for How to Prepare and Protect Yourself during Coronavirus
This website contains specific resources for homeless populations, public housing, renters, and Native Americans during the COVID-19 pandemic.Big P, COVID-19, Evidence Informed, Safe Stable Housing

Getting Creative to Keep Americans Fed During COVID-19
This blog focuses on school meals and the Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program (SNAP) as areas of potential state legislative activity to support populations at an increased risk for food insecuritiesmore »Big P, COVID-19, Evidence Informed, Food Insecurity, Health Equity

GHPC Releases Brief With Options for State Medicaid Programs During COVID-19 Emergency GHPC Releases Brief With Options for State Medicaid Programs During COVID-19 Emergency
The Georgia Health Policy Center (GHPC) released this brief that examines expanded options for state Medicaid programs as they respond to the COVID-19 crisis including 1135 waivers, state plan amendmentsmore »Big P, COVID-19, Experience Based, Medicaid Waivers

Keep Children Healthy During the COVID-19 Outbreak
The CDC provides resources to keep your child healthy during the COVID-19 outbreak including watching for any signs of illness, teaching preventive actions, staying active and socially connected, andmore »Big P, COVID-19, Evidence Based, Resiliency and Coping

MCH Epidemiology
This site provides the results of three surveys Alaska launched to explore how the COVID-19 pandemic is impacting families, including their mental and physical health.COVID-19, Experience Based, Monitoring/Surveillance