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Data-Driven Primary Prevention Strategies for Adverse Childhood Experiences
This report focuses on strategies that can be used to prevent ACEs before they occur. Strategies should be selected based on assessment of local and state ACEs data.Collection Sources, Evidence Informed

Methods to Assess Adverse Childhood Experiences of Children and Families: Toward Approaches to Promote Child Well-being in Policy and Practice
This study identifies and compares 14 ACEs assessment methods. While important distinctions were found between methods, all shared the broader goals of facilitating health education, promoting health,more »Collection Sources, Experience Based

State ACE Survey Reports
This webpage houses state Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System (BRFSS) ACEs module data reports for states collecting data between 2009 to 2018.Collection Sources, Experience Based

State Health Facts: Build a Custom State Report
Custom reports that provide information on health-related data for a single state or multiple states. This information can be used to familiarize health issues and healthcare capacity within or acrossmore »Collection Sources, COVID-19, Experience Based