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What Can We Learn from Crisis? Leadership, Post-Traumatic Growth and COVID-19
This is part of the new ASTHO Leadership Check-Up Series: Developing Your Resiliency as a Public Health Professional. Our nation is experiencing a collective traumatic event, yet how we each manage thismore »Insight & Inspiration

Upstream: The Quest to Solve Problems Before They Happen
So often in our organizations and communities, we fall into a cycle of reaction. A problem happens, and we respond. We constantly fight fires. We contend with emergencies. Researchers call this "tunneling."more »Insight & Inspiration

The Public Health Crisis Survival Guide: Leadership and Management in Trying Times
In this interactive and engaging session, Joshua M. Sharfstein, MD will share insights on what our "next normal" in public health may look like, as well as provide tips and tools for publicmore »Insight & Inspiration

The Death of Expertise and What it Means for Public Health Today
In this lively conversation, author Tom Nichols, PhD will address the rejection of expertise in the Information Age where people are exposed to more information than ever before and the implications formore »Insight & Inspiration

Systematic Racism, Health Disparities, and COVID-19: Leading through Complex Trauma with Resilience and Hope
This is part of the new ASTHO Leadership Check-Up Series: Developing Your Resiliency as a Public Health Professional. Join us to learn about the tools for supporting individuals as they develop healingmore »Insight & Inspiration

Leading with Gratitude
Mylynn Tufte (alumni-ND) will explore what it means to lead with gratitude and the powerful impact approaching life with genuine gratitude can have on our effectiveness as leaders.Insight & Inspiration

Leading through Crisis—The Importance of Mindset, Self-Care, and Leader Resilience
During this uplifting session, Dr. Marissa Levine will draw on her 16 years of state government service and expertise in leadership to share the important role of mindset, self-care, and resilience withmore »Insight & Inspiration

Leading in Public Health: COVID-19 and PTSD in the Workforce
Sebastian Junger, award-winning journalist, director, and best-selling author of The Perfect Storm and TRIBE will engage the audience in an emotionally compelling and vivid portrait of the impact of post-traumaticmore »Insight & Inspiration

Insights and Inspiration: Leading Through Uncertainty
Lt. Gen. Nadja West (retired) will share her story of grit, perseverance, strength, and breaking boundaries in the face of adversity.Insight & Inspiration

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