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ASTHO delivers rigorous, relevant research to aid our members and other public health decisionmakers.


With the support of CDC, the de Beaumont Foundation, and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, ASTHO is building its survey research capacity to meet the growing information needs of our members, public health researchers, and public health practitioners. Key research projects and findings are described below.

Profile of State Public Health

The ASTHO Profile of State Public Health (Profile) is the only comprehensive source of information about state public health agency activities, structure, and resources. The Profile, started in 2007 and fielded every two to three years, aims to define the scope of state public health services, identify variations in practice among state public health agencies, and contribute to the development of best practices in governmental public health. The ASTHO Profile reports highlight descriptive findings from each survey round. Read more »

Workforce Development and Research

ASTHO is dedicated to supporting the public health workforce. ASTHO does this by providing technical assistance to state health agencies, conducting and disseminating research, and supporting the Human Resources and Workforce Development Directors Peer Network. Read more »

Forces of Change

In 2014, ASTHO began monitoring the current climate at member health agencies as it relates to the budget, workforce, billing capacity, and other changes as a result of the implementation of the Affordable Care Act. Data are collected approximately yearly. Read more »

State and Local Public Health Relationships

The governmental public health system in the United States is comprised of federal agencies, state health agencies, tribal and territorial health departments, and more than 2,500 local health departments. Coordination across these different levels of government is essential in assuring the public’s health. ASTHO explores ways to further the relationships among these entities at the state and local level. Read more »

Special Topics

Additional research and reports meant to advance public health in U.S. states and territories. Read more »

Using ASTHO’s Survey Data

Requests for state public health agency survey data should be directed to Please review ASTHO’s data use agreement below.

ASTHO Data Use Agreement