Federal Government Relations


Federal Government Relations

ASTHO’s Federal Government Relations team advocates on behalf of state public health before the U.S. Congress and the administration to inform federal policy to achieve better health outcomes. We provide congressional leaders with key information regarding public health activities in their state/district, support members’ advocacy efforts, federal testimony and participation in congressional briefings, and educate members and state health agency staff on key budget and public health policy.

What's New

Meeting with Your Congressional Delegation at Home: 2019 Toolkit [PDF]

July 2019 
This toolkit provides ASTHO’s members, alumni, and affiliates with information to educate and engage with congressional officials in their states during the August recess. ASTHO urges health officials to take advantage of the time to meet with their congressional delegations and discuss what public health means for their constituents.

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Carolyn Mullen, Chief, Government Affairs
Carolyn McCoy, Senior Director, Government Affairs
Jane Esworthy, Senior Director, Public Relations