ASTHO Tobacco Written Resources and Materials

ASTHO has published a number of written materials on tobacco control and prevention, including state success stories, issue briefs, case studies, and comprehensive guides.

Smoking Cessation Infographic

Tobacco smoking is the leading cause of preventable disease, disability, and death in the United States, and the majority of adults who smoke say they want to quit. In January 2020, the U.S. Surgeon General released a report on smoking cessation. This infographic showcases some key findings from the report and highlights how many states are taking coordinated action to improve tobacco cessation rates.

Tobacco-Related Disparities Infographic

ASTHO developed an infographic highlighting populations that experience tobacco-related health disparities. It also describes the role of state health departments in addressing these disparities and key partners to engage when working with each respective population.

For optimal viewing, it is recommended to open the downloaded PDF from your computer, not through your browser.

Key Recommendations for Smoke-Free Housing Programs

Key Recommendations for Smoke-Free Housing Programs
ASTHO developed a compilation of recommendations for state health agencies working on smoke-free housing informed by a virtual learning community convened from October 2016 through February 2017. The findings identify elements of successful smoke-free housing programs led by state health agencies informed by the challenges, lessons learned, and best practices shared by participating learning community states.

Case Studies and Issue Briefs

North Dakota Engages American Indian Tribes in Tobacco Prevention
The North Dakota Tobacco Prevention and Control Program directly funds Tribal Tobacco Prevention Coordinators for each reservation in North Dakota to develop initiatives and policies consistent with CDC Best Practices for Comprehensive Tobacco Control Prevention Programs in tribal communities.

Iowa and North Carolina Reduce Secondhand Smoke Exposure through Partnerships with Property Owners and Local Health Departments
This multi-level case study provides an overview of state, local, and private partner engagement strategies to implement smoke-free multi-family housing policies. The case study highlights the success of Iowa and North Carolina’s state health agencies in working with local and community partners to increase smoke-free living options across their states.

Working with Insurance Commissioners to Promote Comprehensive Coverage for Tobacco Cessation
The issue brief focuses on improving access to comprehensive tobacco cessation coverage and overviews an opportunity for state health agencies to partner with the state insurance commissioner to promote state-based insurers’ compliance with comprehensive cessation coverage requirements. It includes a state example from Delaware.

ASTHO E-Cigarettes Issue Brief
This issue brief is intended for use by state and territorial health officials and their leadership teams to introduce recommendations on issues related to the emergence of new smokeless tobacco products, such as electronic cigarettes ("e-cigarettes"). The brief identifies issues relevant to state health agencies and provides short case studies outlining how certain states have addressed the issue of e-cigarette regulations.

Tobacco Control Guides and Templates

State Tobacco Control Program Success Story Template
ASTHO developed this tool to support state tobacco control programs in their efforts to convey program value to congressional leaders. The template includes sections for state-specific information so that the tool can be tailored to the state and program. A user guide describes the use of the template and how to customize it.
Comprehensive Tobacco Control Guide for State & Territorial Health Officials

Comprehensive Tobacco Control: Guide for State and Territorial Health Officials
This booklet is intended for use by state and territorial health officials and their leadership teams to introduce the basic framework that guides state-level tobacco control policies and programs; review the current evidence base that supports the framework; and highlight examples from current public health tobacco control practice.
Smoking Cessation Strategies for Women

Smoking Cessation Strategies for Women Before, During, and After Pregnancy: Recommendations for State and Territorial Health Agencies
This guide is intended for use by state and territorial health officials and their leadership teams to introduce recommendations to improve smoking cessation among women before, during and after pregnancy with highlight examples from current public health tobacco control practice.

Other Tobacco Publications

Tobacco Case Studies
ASTHO has developed state case studies and state stories about tobacco control projects. Topics include smoke-free indoor legislation, smoking cessation programs, and more.

ASTHO Comprehensive Tobacco Cessation Expert Roundtable
Meeting summary and recommendations from the “ASTHO Comprehensive Tobacco Cessation Expert Roundtable” led by Dr. Ed Ehlinger (MN), Chair of the Tobacco Issues Forum, on Dec. 13, 2012.