Evidence-Based Public Health

Evidence-Based Public Health


ASTHO developed evidence-based public health case studies of six states to demonstrate a wide range of evidence-based strategies for addressing complex, public health problems. While their approaches and objectives vary, the six states use a common framework to develop evidence-based interventions that respond to local needs. In addition, the states rely on tools such as recommendations contained in The Guide to Community Preventive Services (The Community Guide) to address a wide range of public health challenges, including obesity, pregnancy-related depression and childhood immunizations.

Missouri Uses Evidence-Based Recommendations to Increase Immunization Rates

New York Integrates Evidence-Based Public Health into Department of Health Planning and Workforce Development

Texas Implements Point-of-Decision Stairwell Prompts to Increase Employee Physical Activity

Success Stories

Below are short stories which capture successful implementation among states who moved evidence-based recommendations into policy. If you have any follow up questions, please contact Tahra Johnson.

IL- Successful Implementation of an Evidence-Based Public Health Recommendation

VA- Successful Implementation of an Evidence-Based Public Health Recommendation