Tracking Environmental Health Hazards


ASTHO Tracking Alumni Group

  • ASTHO Fellows continue to receive support from ASTHO as they grow and expand their tracking efforts. Upon completion of the fellowship program, fellows become members of ASTHO’s Tracking Alumni Group, where they continue to convene periodically and participate on EPHT-focused activities. Alumni group members have launched internal tracking workgroups, begun to engage with data stewards, IT departments, and other potential stakeholders, and are performing preliminary collection and spatial analyses of environmental and public health data. Alumni group members also have opportunities to pilot test new tracking resources, such as the 1st edition of CDC’s How to Guide, and participate on discussion forums and webcast trainings on new GIS tools. Here you can read about what fellows are doing since completing the program.

  • Past Fellow Presentations

    ASTHO Tracking Alumni Group members are given the opportunity to present on State Environmental Health Directors (SEHD) calls and in-person annual meetings to showcase their work. Learn about the projects and current activities underway in each state to track environmental health hazards of concern to their communities. Read more »

  • Phase II: Furthering the Capacity of Non-Funded States

    Phase II, made possible by the CDC National Center for Environmental Health, is a first-of-its-kind program designed to further build capacity of past participants in ASTHO's Environmental Public Health Tracking: Peer-to-Peer Fellowship Program. Read more »