Preventing Firearm Injury and Death

  • Firearm injury and death claims the lives of eight children and 75 adults each day in the U.S. Over 31,000 people died as a result of firearm violence in 2010 – one person every 17 minutes. That same year, almost two-thirds of all firearm-related deaths were suicides. Interpersonal violence accounts for approximately one-eighth of medical care spending on injury in the United States.

    ASTHO supports preventing injuries and violence across the lifespan. Effective interventions should address all age groups to encourage the systematic and long-term prevention of injuries and violence. Prevention strategies that intersect families, schools, neighborhoods, and worksites reinforce core sets of principles that safeguard against injury and discourage violence. State and territorial health agencies continuously work on developing public health interventions focused on preventing suicide, youth violence, and intimate partner violence, and on strengthening the public health response to adverse events through building community resiliency.