Policy Change

Oregon Diabetes Report
This report from the Oregon Health Authority details the burden of diabetes in Oregon and their progress on slowing the rate of diabetes.

Diabetes Action Plan Legislation - SB 169
This Oregon State legislation requires reporting on the progress of the recommendations made by the Oregon Diabetes Taskforce.

Diabetes Taskforce Legislation - HB 3486
This Oregon State legislation requires that a diabetes taskforce be assembled and provide recommendations to the legislature on capacities and strategies to slow the rate of diabetes in Oregon.

Strategic Plan to Slow the Rate of Diabetes in Oregon
The Oregon Health Authority provided this plan to the Oregon State Legislature as a result of HB 3486. It outlines specific actions necessary to manage the spread of diabetes in Oregon.

Montana Diabetes Prevention Program
This state story from ASTHO discusses how Montana secured Medicaid reimbursement for chronic disease prevention services through a state plan amendment.          

Montana Telehealth Diabetes Prevention Program
This short ASTHO publication gives an overview of the reintegration of public health and primary care in Montana. The Montana Department of Public Health and Human Services and a community hospital partnered to offer a diabetes prevention program at the hospital and via telehealth.

Advocacy Highlights
This American Diabetes Association web page highlights their accomplishments over the year 2015.    

Got Diabetes? There's a Plan for That
This article from the Council of State Governments e-newsletter provides an overview of what Diabetes Action Plan legislation is and the goals of passing this type of legislation.

Diabetes Action Plans
This resource from Women in Government gives an overview of states' Diabetes Action Plan legislation efforts and provides relevant links to state reports and bills.

Diabetes Action Plan Legislation Presentation
This resource contains slides from a webinar on preparing states for Diabetes Action Plan legislation, featuring a state example from Kentucky.