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Diabetes Meal Plan Recipes
This recipe catalog provides recipes for appetizers, breads, desserts, main dishes, and salads that are appropriate for diabetic patients.

Healthy and Tasty Recipes
This website provides recipes for diabetic patients appropriate for all diets - gluten-free, budget-friendly, quick, and slow cooker.

Do I have prediabetes?
This one-minute quiz can help individuals determine whether they may have prediabetes. The website also has tips, FAQs, and help to find a Diabetes Prevention Program.

Diabetes Infographics from the CDC
Infographics from CDC about diabetes, prediabetes, and the National Diabetes Prevention Program are provided on this website in PDF form.

Take Charge of Your Diabetes
This handbook from CDC's Division of Diabetes Translation outlines how to control diabetes. Topics range from physical activity, diet, managing diabetes when traveling, and support groups/counseling.

Diabetes Tip Sheets
Tip sheets created by the American Association of Diabetes Educators cover a variety of topics including healthy eating, blood glucose monitoring, lifestyle, self-care, and insulin injection.

Diabetes Goal Tracker Mobile App
This website provides links to an app from American Association of Diabetes Educators. This app was designed for individuals diagnosed with diabetes and provides tools to track nutrition and set goals to manage diabetes.

Referred Patient Resources
This website provides information and links that may be helpful for patients who have been recently referred to a diabetes educator. It explains what diabetes education is and emphasizes the importance of follow-up.

America's Diabetes Challenge
America’s Diabetes Challenge is a program from Merck, the American Diabetes Association, and iHeart Media that urges people with type 2 diabetes to pledge to work with their doctor to set and reach their A1C goals (average blood glucose over the past 2-3 months). The program also encourages people to learn if they are at risk of low blood glucose, known as hypoglycemia, and how to help reduce that risk.

Small Steps. Big Rewards. Your GAME PLAN to Prevent Type 2 Diabetes.
This website is aimed at patients who are at high risk for diabetes. It provides information on how to lose five to seven percent of weight, the suggested amount for people at high risk for diabetes. Basic strategies are getting at least 30 minutes of moderate-intensity physical activity and reducing the number of calories eaten per day.  

Simple Steps to Preventing Diabetes
This resource from the Harvard School of Public Health is aimed at patients working to decrease their chances of developing type 2 diabetes. It provides a bottom line for preventing type 2 diabetes: stay lean and stay active.

Your Health Care Team
This website designed for diabetes patients outlines the responsibilities of all members of a typical diabetes healthcare team.