Data-driven Action

Oregon Business Plan for Health Information Exchange and Health Information Technology
This resource outlines recommendations and provides a roadmap for a successful health system transformation in the state of Oregon specific to health information technology and health information exchange.                

Oregon Health Authority Measure Sets
This table compiles the metrics that Coordinated Care Organizations in Oregon must provide to the Oregon Health Authority to be eligible for financial incentives.  

Healthier Washington: Analytics, Interoperability and Measurement (AIM)
AIM stands for analytic tools, interoperable systems, and standardized measurement strategies. It works across state agencies (breaking down silos) and is a key lever to implementing population health improvement strategies.        

ASTHO Case Study: Maryland P3 Program
The Patient Pharmacists Partnership in Maryland is intended to improve hypertension and diabetes prevention and control through medication therapy management. This case study gives an overview of the initiative, identifies key partners, and outlines next steps.                 

Pathways to Diabetes Prevention
This document contains three brief case studies that highlight how organizations in Colorado created innovative referral systems to help individuals with diabetes.