Preventing Adverse Childhood Experiences Framework

The Preventing Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) Framework is a tool state and territorial health agency (S/THA) leadership can use to intervene using systems levers to prevent and address ACEs by providing safe, stable, nurturing environments for children. The framework includes strategic objectives relating to the system levers of data, policy, financing, messaging, and partnerships.


  • Promote a systems-level approach to preventing adverse childhood experiences.
  • Provide health leadership with evidence-based tools and resources to achieve public health prevention strategies and interventions.
  • Emphasize strategies that concurrently work to curtail the adverse effects of COVID-19.


coronavirusCOVID-19 continues to be a significant stressor for families and their children. S/THA leadership should consider leveraging emerging policies, programs, and practices from the COVID-19 response that have the potential to prevent ACEs both in the immediate future and long-term.  

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When formalizing a prevention approach, S/THA leadership should consider racial, geographic, and socio-economic differences and ensure that strategies focus on creating equity for the most impacted families.

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