Presidents Challenge 2013


Advance the Reintegration of Public Health and Healthcare

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José Thier Montero

President's Challenge 2013
Dr. José Montero

ASTHO President Dr. José Montero (NH) issued his President’s Challenge at ASTHO’s Annual Meeting in September 2012: To Advance the Reintegration of Public Health and Healthcare. The President’s Challenge builds off of the Institute of Medicine (IOM) report, Primary Care and Public Health: Exploring Integration to Improve Population Health (released March 28, 2012) and the strategic map developed by a collaboration of ASTHO, the IOM, and key public health and primary care leaders. The strategic map provides a framework for strengthening and supporting public health and primary care integration, and will help guide the work of the challenge throughout the year. In his presentation, Dr. Montero emphasizes the need to take a systems approach to healthcare transformation to achieve lasting improvements in population health.

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Dr. Montero challenges each State Health Official to identify at least one example from their state/territory that demonstrates successful integration of public health and healthcare delivery. State and territorial health agencies can make an incredible impact in this area by decoding the key elements for success that can then be shared with others to promote further integration, increase healthcare quality, decrease cost, and improve overall population health.

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New Hampshire Integration Story - Click here to view Dr. Montero's example from New Hampshire.

For more information and resources on ASTHO’s work to support public health and primary care integration, connect and contribute to our web page: ASTHO-Supported Primary Care and Public Health Collaborative main page.