Emergency Preparedness

Making Sense of COVID-19 Vaccine Polling Results

February 04, 2021

In this first installment of ASTHO’s Ask the Experts crisis communication series, Gillian SteelFisher shared a meta-analysis of the many COVID-19 vaccine-related public polls and how public health can use this information to guide vaccine messaging. Additionally, Neetu Abad, co-lead of the CDC Vaccine Confidence team, discussed behavioral drivers of hesitancy and how CDC uses that knowledge to craft outreach materials. After the presentation, a Q&A session was held to dig deeper into community-specific approaches for reaching vaccine-hesitant audiences and encouraging them to get vaccinated.Read More »

A Conversation on Data, Communication, and Health Equity

March 16, 2021

The fight against COVID-19 is also a fight against misinformation and health disparities. How can you incorporate data into your communications strategy to combat misinformation, eliminate health disparities, and keep your community safe and informed? Our panel of leading experts will explore the role that data can play in elevating public messaging, as well as offer insights into how to take a data-first approach to tell a story that resonates with diverse audiences. Participants will learn how audiences perceive data and how to use this understanding to present compelling information that drives action today.Read More »

Addressing Viral Hepatitis A Outbreaks

December 10, 2018

Subject matter experts from CDC’s Division of Viral Hepatitis and the Tennessee Department of Health share information on their response to the ongoing Hepatitis A outbreak, including information on outbreaks among persons experiencing homelessness and persons who use drugs, vaccine recommendations, and using the Incident Command System for state and local response to outbreaks.Read More »

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