ASTHO Leadership Summit on Adverse Childhood Experiences

May 30, 2019
All day event.
ASTHO Headquarters
2231 Crystal Drive
Suite 450
Arlington, VA 22202

This page refers to an event that occurred in the past.

Invitation only.

The goal of the summit is to promote engagement and cross-sector partnerships between state health leadership, behavioral health departments, and state epidemiologists to address upstream approaches to the primary prevention of ACEs. We are looking to have a targeted discussion on the connection between ACEs and other health problems, including substance misuse, suicide, chronic disease, other forms of violence, and intergenerational patterns leading to poor health outcomes. Emphasis will be placed on how states are using the ACEs BRFSS module to inform their work. Evidence based, informed, and experience-based interventions will be shared, and attention will be given to how preventing ACEs is a primary prevention tool for opioid use and misuse.

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