PCO Training Academy Kickoff Meeting

April 16-17, 2019

The Association of State and Territorial Health Officials
2231 Crystal Drive
Suite 450
Arlington, VA 22202

This is an in-person convening that will last approximately 1.5 days and will be an opportunity for all participants to hear from experts in the field and from HRSA so that everyone is working with the same set of common knowledge about PCO roles and responsibilities. The convening will include focused sessions on areas of interest and technical assistance needs among the participating PCO directors. Potential sessions for the in-person convening include presentations from HRSA staff on their role in PCOs’ work, the scope of PCO responsibilities, and federal requirements, timelines and processes for PCOs, workforce subject matter experts to discuss best and promising practices around provider training, recruitment, and retention, and how best to use the tools available to PCOs, primary care association (PCA) leaders to discuss how to form effective PCO/PCA partnerships, and subject matter experts in payment and delivery reform to discuss how PCOs can participate in their states’/territories’ healthcare transformation efforts to ensure that primary care, prevention, and workforce capacity are part of the conversation. (All Training Academy mentee participants will be expected to attend the in-person convening.)

Participation Details

INVITATION ONLY. This meeting will be held at ASTHO Headquarters.

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