ASTHO Corporate Alliance

Building Better Health Together

The goal of ASTHO’s Corporate Alliance is to improve the health of the nation. The Corporate Alliance program builds relationships and leverages expertise to make a profound impact on the future of public health. ASTHO brings the knowledge and perspective of state health departments. You bring the knowledge of technology, market forces, and trends driven by consumers. Together, we can create a complete picture of state- and territory-based health needs and generate strategies to meet those needs. For more information, please contact Maureen Torney, director of development, at mtorney@astho.org or 571-318-5494.

Corporate Alliance Partners


Booz Allen Hamilton 

The Clarion Group  



Glaxo Smith Kline 



Sanofi Pasteur 


United Health Foundation


Imagine What We Could Do Together …

  • Eliminate health disparities that lead to high rates of infant mortality
  • Integrate public health and healthcare to improve health outcomes and reduce healthcare cost
  • Tackle complex issues like health equity and access to care to ensure the wellbeing of all Americans
  • Help prevent chronic diseases and reduce the costs associated with treatment
  • Drive a new vision of health to make the U.S. the healthiest nation in a healthier world

Why You Should Join

With the ASTHO Corporate Alliance, you will be part of the important conversations that are taking place right now in critical areas of public health. You will also be providing much-needed funding that will ensure that ASTHO can continue to provide support and resources to those in our network. We hope you will join that network and make a difference today in the health of the nation.

Additional Resources

ASTHO Anti-Trust Statement

ASTHO strictly adheres to federal and State antitrust laws in all respects. ASTHO meetings may not be used for the purpose of bringing about any understanding or agreement among competing firms to: (a) raise, lower, or stabilize prices; (b) regulate production; (c) allocate markets; (d) encourage boycotts; (e) foster unfair trade practices; (f) assist monopolization; or (g) in any way violate the antitrust laws. In order to avoid any misperception or misunderstanding, discussions regarding matters that are competitively sensitive are prohibited, including in particular pricing, customers, and future business plans. ASTHO reserves the right to immediately terminate any meeting due to comments or discussions that are inappropriate from an antitrust standpoint.