Workforce Development and Research

ASTHO is dedicated to supporting the public health workforce. ASTHO does this by providing technical assistance to state health agencies, conducting and disseminating research, and supporting the Human Resources and Workforce Development Directors Peer Network.

Public Health Workforce Interests and Needs Survey (PH WINS)

The Public Health Workforce Interests and Needs Survey (PH WINS) is the first nationally-representative sample of individual perspectives from state public health agency workers across all programs, levels, and geographic areas. A total of 10,246 state public health workers participated, helping to establish a baseline of key workforce development opportunities in the United States. Learn more about PH WINS »

PH WINS: Research to Action

PH WINS: Research to Action builds on the findings of PH WINS to meet the training and development needs of the public health workforce. Together, ASTHO and the de Beaumont Foundation will create and maintain a learning collaborative focused on the development of the public health workforce, craft and implement a standardized training needs assessment, develop and test a web-based tool for high-quality online training, and launch a model policies challenge to collect best practices. Learn more about PH WINS: Research to Action »

Workforce Gaps and Enumeration

To strengthen the public health system in an evidence-based manner, ASTHO, in partnership with the University of Michigan and CDC, will identify and clearly define the gaps in capacity (needs) of the public health workforce. The goals for this project are to measure public health workforce gaps, outline strategies for supporting workforce development, develop a methodology for identifying and measuring predictors of workforce diversity, and further develop, refine and test the public health workforce CDC-sponsored taxonomy developed by the University of Michigan.

Human Resources and Workforce Development Directors Peer Network

The ASTHO Human Resource and Workforce Development Directors Peer Network is open to all 59 ASTHO member jurisdictions (states, territories, freely associated states and the District of Columbia). The purpose of the network is to foster collaboration and sharing of best practices among workforce professionals in state and territorial health agency leadership positions.

Publications and Resources

Journal of Public Health Management and Practice PH WINS Supplement
To promote the translation of the data collected as part of PH WINS and to assist workforce development efforts across the country, this special supplement from JPHMP focuses exclusively on the results of PH WINS and its implications for the field.

ASTHO Position Statement on the Public Health Workforce
ASTHO supports a robust public health workforce.

Infographic of Initial Findings from PH WINS
Includes data points on public health workforce demographics, turnover and retention, and desired training and skills.


Elizabeth Gould, Senior Director, State and Territorial Development and Engagement
Kyle Bogaert, Director, Workforce Research
Caitlin Langhorne, Senior Analyst, Workforce Research
Christina Whang, Senior Analyst, Workforce Research