ASTHO's videos provide the latest information from thought leadership and subject-matter experts on a broad range of emerging topics and issues affecting state and territorial public health.

Preventing Cancer with the HPV Vaccine: A Conversation with Dr. Nathaniel Smith

August 01, 2019

The HPV vaccine is an effective health tool for preventing oropharyngeal cancer. We spoke with Nathaniel Smith, ASTHO President-Elect and Secretary of Health at the Arkansas Department of Health, to discuss the connection between HPV and oropharyngeal cancer and share strategies from Arkansas’s successful push to increase HPV vaccination rates through oral health partnerships.Read More »

More, Better, Faster: Modernizing Public Health Surveillance

April 04, 2019

As health threats evolve, so too must public health’s capabilities. Carolyn Mullen, ASTHO’s chief of government affairs, sat down with Emily Holubowich, senior vice president at CRD Associates, to discuss the “Data: Elemental to Health” campaign – an advocacy effort to build a national, integrated public health surveillance system.Read More »

Communicating in Indian Country: Healthy Brain, Healthy Heart

April 01, 2019

These brief videos are intended to be used by tribal serving hospitals and clinics, tribal senior program directors, tribal media outlets, administrators, and inter-tribal councils. The videos will educate and inform tribal elders and their caregivers, tribal senior program directors, state and tribal health leaders, and others about the relationship between heart and brain health.Read More »

Early Brain Development: Promising Pathways for Public Health Leaders

August 16, 2018

Decades of research point to effective strategies that can help children and their families thrive. In this video clip, Karyl Rattay, MD, MS, director of the Delaware Division of Public Health, underscores the importance of early childhood brain development and describes how state and territorial health officials can take the lead in promoting lifelong health and well-being.Read More »

Working With Congress 101: A Discussion with Senator Tim Kaine and Karen Remley

August 09, 2018

Working with Congress is an important way to raise awareness about public health issues in your state. ASTHO spoke with Sen. Tim Kaine (D-VA) and Karen Remley, Virginia’s former health commissioner, to discuss how state health officials can collaborate with policymakers both at home and in Washington, D.C.Read More »

Dr. Howard Haft shares how Maryland is championing Population Health

August 09, 2018

Dr. Howard Haft, Maryland’s deputy secretary for public health, joins ASTHO to share how the Maryland Department of Health approaches the concept of “population health.” Dr. Haft shares strategies for engaging in cross-sector partnerships that improve health equity, as well as exciting uses of data and public health informatics in the state.Read More »

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